Anuflex Pomad (Merhem)
Anuflex Pomad (Merhem)

Anuflex Cream (Pomad) (00213HP)

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Anuflex Ointment (Pomad) is for anal fissure treatment, has scientifically proven herbal active ingredients.

Herbal essences and vegetable oils are effective in different ways. Many scientific studies have been published on how these effects are occurring.

As mentioned it is a herbal essence product made with plant extracts and oils. It can be used painfully in the treatment of anal fissure and can be used to reduce complaints with hemorrhoids and anal hematomas, which have other anus diseases. Of course, before using it, you should make a definite diagnosis to your doctor because you may be faced with situations where early intervention is important.

Anuflex Ointment Effects

Relaxation for anal muscles;

As it is known, the reason that the fracture does not heal is that there is not enough blood to the area where anal muscles are overcontracted. Uncontrolled contraction of these muscles, the cramping cause pain for hours after or during the toilet. The materials that loosen the anal muscles in the cochlea root open the way to the healing of the crack, loosening the muscles. Relaxation of the muscles also reduces pain after stooling. 


Clove Oil Treatment

Clove oil is the most effective regional drug known. Often you can feel the numbing effect of the Clove. If the anuflex is driven into the buccal palsy a few minutes before stooling, it will feel less pain due to this numbing effect.


Treatment of the Fissure

The content of St. John's Wort oil has strong wound healing effect among herbal products. In addition to the effect of wound healing, it forms a layer on the floor of the fracture, resulting in a barrier effect between the feces and the wound. A wound that heavily infected with a defecation heals earlier.


Reducing The Swelling

Fissure is a kind of swelling and edema around the wound, this edema causes an increase in pain complaints. Herbal cortisone, also called cortisone, is a similar effect to cortisone, which reduces swelling. There is also a germ-killer effect of liquorice root oil. On the other hand, it heals anal fissure and also  itching complaint for 70% of patients.


Hemorrhoids Effect

Fissures are often accompanied by hemorrhoids. The horse chestnut extract, which has a tightening effect on the veins, is found in almost every hemorrhoid and varicella treatments. The horse chestnut extract of Anuflex has numbing effect on the painful area. On the other hand, the regional drug effect of clove oil helps reduce the pain caused by hemorrhoids.


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