Moos Chamomile Everyday Shampoo
Moos Chamomile Everyday Shampoo
Moos Chamomile Everyday Shampoo

Moos Chamomile Everyday Shampoo (Salt & Sulfate Free) (00113M)

Brand : MOOS
Price : $19.17(Vat included)

 (You can find this product at any pharmacy in Turkey or you can buy at our online store - Enbi Pharma)  



Moos Chamomile Everyday Shampoo contains high level of herbal German chamomile and glyserin. It is soft and good for daily hair care.


The formula of this shampoo contains high level of German Chamomile which presents an ideal solution for damaged, delicate hair which is effected by environmental and other several factors. It also presents soothing, moisturizing, regenerative and anti-blotch properties. This shampoo can be used for all types of hair and it softens your hair. Also, it has an ideal formula for light colored, thin and color treated hair. Moreover it can be used to protect light hair color for blonds while making it shiny and lively. Your hair can be combed easily after rinsing with its soft formula. Its content in alpha-bisabolol gives German Chamomile analgesic, anti-inflammatory, healing and anti-rheumatic properties. The essential oil of German Chamomile has lenitive, antiseptic, emollient, purifying, regenerative and tonic virtues. So, it is also ideal for allergic skin. The other ingredient vegetable glycerin is a high quality glycerin which does not include any oil or substance extracted from animals and prevents loss of moisture on surface of the skin and it delivers long lasting softening and protection from dryness and flaking while moisturizing. Since this product’s pH value is 5.5, it supports scalp for natural, beautiful and lively hair.

Directions for use:

Apply the shampoo to wet hair. Use some amount of shampoo for the first wash and rinse your hair. For the second wash, lather the shampoo and massage gently on the scalp. Let the shampoo active ingredients act for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat if necessary. If you use a seperate hair cream or conditioner, please note that you should not let the cream contact to your scalp so as to get the best result from this shampoo. 


Chamomile is a very old medicinal herb that was growing in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Then Chamomile became popular because people started use it as a remedy for numerous medical complaints including asthma, colic, fevers, inflammations, nausea, nervous complaints, children's ailments, skin diseases and cancer.

Chamomile exists today in many countries and are cultivated in such countries as Germany, Egypt, France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, and parts of Eastern Europe. Two types of Chamomile plants are very known: Roman chamomile is a plant that lives more than two years, has small blossoming flowers and a bitter taste. German chamomile is a plant that lives one year, has a sweeter taste and bigger blossoms.

Chamomile has healing properties that comes from its daisy-like flowers. Those flowers contain oils like bisabolol, bisabolol oxides A and B, and matricinas, flavonoids and other therapeutic substances.

Chamomile is known and used for centuries as a mild, relaxing sleep aid, treatment for fevers, colds, stomach ailments, and as an anti-inflammatory agent. Some scientific researches have confirmed chamomiles’ therapeutic activity, including antiseptic, antispasmodic, antipyretic, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-allergenic activity.

Recent researches has also showed chamomiles specific anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, muscle relaxant, antispasmodic, anti-allergenic and sedative properties.

For all those beneficial reasons, we use chamomile in our natural products. Our chamomile extract products calm any kind of irritation of the skin, help hydrating and moisturizing your skin, and also add radiance.

Chamomile is also known to be effective in healing sunburns.  Chamomile extract makes your skin moisturized and gives a younger appearance. It has skin repairing, regenerating, and strengthening properties, keeps the skin young and refreshing.

Chamomile Oil is also beneficial for hair: The hair colour and radiance and acts like a natural anti dandruff agent. It hydrates the scalp, eases the associated irritation and itching, nourishes the hair and the scalp, very effective on dry and brittle hair.

Chamomile has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The plant’s healing properties come from its daisy like flowers, which contain essential oils beneficial for the skin.

Flavonoids in chamomile oil act as an anti-oxidant for the body and help protect against free radicals that can damage the body.

Chamomile benefits also include soothing skin rashes, including eczema and acne. It can also help ease minor burns and sunburn. Chamomile also reduces skin inflammation, speed healing and prevent bacterial infection. Bisabolol in chamomile has been used in cosmetics for centuries because of its skin-healing properties. Chamomile oil can promote smooth and healthy skin. It can relieve irritations due to the strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Generally, chamomile oil can help to deal with skin rashes and scarring simultaneously.



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