Moos Glycerine & Chamomile Liquid Cleanser (00211M)

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Moos Glycerine & Chamomile Liquid Cleanser pH 5.5 - 200 ML



Our soap has beneficial anti-inflammatory and powerful moisturizing properties for your precious skin.  It is also a mild sedative and helps your skin to relax. It helps to reduce skin rash, redness and to soothe the skin for all skin types

Moos Glycerine & Chamomile Liquid Cleanser pH 5.5 200 ML

 Chamomile Flower Extract is a natural extract of the flowers of Chamomilla Recutita in a Glycerin water solution. It's active constituents are flavonoids, (Apigenin derivatives), sesquiterpenes and coumarins. It is a clear mildly viscous brown fluid soluble in water.
Chamomile is beneficial as an anti-inflammatory and also as a mild sedative. It can be used for all skin types to reduce redness and soothe the skin. It is an excellent product for your daily skin care, also an effective after sun care and a great cleanser. It helps treat skin inflammations, sunburn and if added into your bath it gives a good relaxing sensation for your tired, achy muscles and feet, and softens your skin.

Glycerin has strong skin hydrating properties which helps with skin moisturizing. It is a natural cooling liquid that soothes your skin. Glycerin has different uses and healing properties  for the skin and hair. It is a miracle liquid, colorless and thick with a sweet taste. 

Directions of use: Apply on wet skin and hair, gently massage  the skin, the hair and hair scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid eye contact. For external use. If an allergy occurs, contact your physician. Keep away from children.

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