Hairforte Spray (Women)
Hairforte Spray (Women)
Hairforte Spray (Women)

Hairforte Spray (Women) (00141H)

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HAIRFORTE SPRAY (for women):


Hairforte Spray is developed against hereditary hair loss and contains procapil. Procapil is a new breakthrough formula that strengths hair roots and prevents hair loss naturally.



HAIRFORTE SPRAY (for women):


The main cause of hair loss for women is hereditary, male pattern baldness and iron deficiency. Procapil is a new breakthrough formula that strengths hair roots and prevents hair loss naturally.


The reason of these types of hair loss is DHT (Di hidro testosterone hormone) produced by testosterone hormone. DHT builds up around the hair follicles, restricts the follicles ability to produce hair growth and causes hair follicles regress, resulting premature balding. During the hair loss treatment, synthesis of DHT should be blocked.

Procapil is a natural, revolutionary way of preventing hair loss and strengthening hair from the root. Procapil blocks DHT synthesis, strengthens hair from the root and prevents hair loss. Procapil increases blood stimulation and produces healthier growing hair. The success of Hairforte Spray comes from its Procapil content.

The Producer company of Procapil, French Sederma Pharma’s recommended dosage of Procapil use is 2 % for women and 3 % for men.

Hairforte Spray contains also other vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair growth.


Hairforte Hair Nourishing and Booster contains palmetto, panax ginseng, polygonum multiforum and chinese angelica herbal extract which:

o        Nourishes hair and hair scalp,

o        Support hair growth and prevent hair loss,

o        Fasten new and healthy hair growth and regeneration by nourishing hair follicles,

o        Strengthen hair and help hair restoration,

o        Provide brilliance and healthy look,

o        Protect from UVB radiation and environmental effects.


Ingredients of Hairforte Spray

This complex contains %3 of procapil (clinically recommended dosage).

Procapil consists 3 active substances:

o        Apigenin enhances blood perfusion,

o        Oleanolic acid inhibits 5a-reductas,

o        Biotinyl-GHK provides a strengthened hair growth. It prevents the effects of DHT playing a major role in hereditary hair loss for men.


Procapil prevents male-pattern baldness and helps healthy hair regeneration and growth. It immediately reduces hair loss and hair thinning.


Apigenin : An effective vasodilator and antioxidant flavonoid, it improves blood flow to the hair follicles, and also fights the follicle aging process and prevents hair loss. Hair growth process is faster and healthier.

Biotinyl – GHK (Biotinyl-tripeptide) : Stimulates hair cell metabolism. Contains Biotin  which helps healthy and strong regrowth of hair. Increases dermal scalp levels of collagen and elastin, which reduces the damage of DHT to the follicles. Biotinyl – GHK protects and repairs hair follicles.


Oleanolic acid : Contains antioxidant properties and has a beneficial effect on the hair. Blocks the creation of DHT. It has also the ability to inhibit hair thinning 5-alpha reductase, the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Oleanolic acid acts directly on the enzyme, so it can stimulate hair growth and helps to strengthen and fortify the hairs. It prevents hair thinning and balding.


Panax Gingseng :  It stimulates the hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth. It especially avoids hair damages caused due to stress and illness, because the red ginseng energizes body’s immune system. It provides a healthy blood flow to the scalp, and regulates hair growth.


Glycerin: Increases the absorption of the product by the cells.


Butilen Glycol : Absorption enhancer.


Triethanolamine : As an emulsifier and surfactant, it neutralizes acids.


Pyridoxine HCL : Vitamin B6 improves the quality of hair.


Biotin : Play a key role in the infrastructure of keratin which is necessary for stimulating new hair growth and preventing hair loss.

Angelica Polymorpha : As a natural DHT blocker, it promotes hair growth and provides necessary minerals and vitamins (as zinc and manganese) to the hair.


Polygonum Multi Florum : Is a plant root, grows in the central and southern regions of China, Japan, Taiwan and North America. Used for premature gray hair prevention. Promotes hair growth and restores hair color.



o        For external use only.

o        Apply 1 ml spray on your scalp directly in the area of hair loss, twice a day during 3 months.

o        Do not spray to the eyes.

o        In case of an allergy, redness or irritation on your scalp, please stop using the lotion and contact your doctor and Hair Pharma.

o        Keep the lotion at room temperature.

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