Sawpoo Shampoo 300 ml
Sawpoo Shampoo 300 ml

Sawpoo Shampoo 300 ml (00111H)

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SawPoo shampoo, which suits all kinds of hair types including normal to dry, normal to oily, dark hair and sensitive scalps, is especially formulated for problems related to hereditary hair loss and for loss of quality of the hair due to split ends, dryness, and dullness.


SawPoo shampoo suits all kinds of hair types including normal to dry, normal to oily, dark hair and sensitive scalps, is especially formulated to treat hereditary hair loss and loss of quality due to split ends, dryness, and dullness. SawPoo contains biotin which improves hair growth, by strengthening hair follicles and roots, and a high level of Saw Palmetto extract, which reduce DHT (dihydrotestosterone hormone). DHT builds up around the hair follicles, restricts the follicles ability to produce hair growth, and causes hair follicles regress, resulting in premature balding.


SawPoo promotes hair growth, make the hair shinier, thicker and healthier. The improvement of hair quality provides protection against pollution, sun exposure, dust, wind, heat, and other traumatic external factors such as hair styling cosmetics, hair styling tools, chemical treatments, stress and dryness.

In addition to nourishing and purifying ingredients, SawPoo boasts other beneficial properties such as:

  • -As key ingredients, saw palmetto blocks DHT and reduces the risk of hereditary hair loss; biotin (vitamin B7 and vitamin H) strengthens hair from root to tip and improves hair quality by reducing the risk of breakage, split ends, dullness, dryness and shrinking problems.
  • -As a result of biotin and other nutrients, SawPoo increases hair growth.
  • -Zinc protects hair from metabolic hair loss due to the zinc deficiency.
  • -Pro vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) improves hair quality, nourishes and rejuvenates hair follicles, promotes shiny and silky hairs. 



We recommend the use of SawPoo to:

-       fight against hereditary hair loss,

-       reduce hair loss for women with male pattern baldness,

-       treat split ends, dullness, dryness and improve hair quality,

-       treat poor hair growth,

-    protect hair from chemical treatments, cosmetic products, hair styling tools, and other external factors damages.




Directions of use :

  • Apply SawPoo onto wet hair and massage well into the hair and scalp. Leave on for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thouroughly.
  • For optimum result, apply twice.
  • SawPoo might harden the hair due to biotin, we recommend the use of hair creams, serums and / or conditioners to soften your hair.
  • Use every day or every 2 days. 




Sawpoo effects on Hair Scalp :

- It prevents hair scalp to get heavily greasy.

- It decreases dandruff problem by protecting the moisture balance.

- It contributes the treatment of seborrheic dermatite.

- It delays gray hair.

- It supports alopecia treatment.

- Activates new hair formation from fledged hair. It ensures hair scalp cells to renew.

- No side effects.


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