Tamanu oil is commonly used for its anti-aging properties on the skin and healing ability.


Tamanu oil is an amazing natural product that is extracted from the Tamanu tree. The Tamanu tree lives in tropical Southeast Asia; it is found in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, South India, Sri Lanka, and the Melanesian and Polynesian islands. Traditionally, the islands’ natives believed that Tamanu oil was a sacred gift of the God because of its amazing healing properties.


The Tamanu tree reaches three meters of height, sporting cracked, black bark and an elliptical shape, shiny leaves. The Tamanu tree has blossoms twice a year with a pleasant fragrance, white flowers, those flowers become later clusters of a spherical fruit with a yellow skin. The Tamanu fruit's taste is similar to the taste of an apple. There is a nut in the fruit that contains an odourless kernel. The Tamanu oil is extracted by drying the kernel under the sun for two months. In two months under the sun, the kernel becomes sticky and leaves a dark, rich and thick oil. Then this thick oil is cold pressed which gives dark green oil called “Tamanu oil”. Tamanu oil is very precious because to obtain just 5 kilograms (170 ounces) of the oil, 100 kilograms (3400 ounces) of the fruit kennels to be dried and cold pressed.


The Tamanu oil can be applied directly on the skin or mixed with other herbal oils. This oil is used externally for skin, hair and nails.


This exotic oil has a lot of benefits for the skin and hair and also amazing healing properties. Tamanu oil contains moisturizing omega fatty acids and those fatty acids are known to promote new and healthy cell growth. Tamanu oil has also anti-microbial properties as strong as antibiotics and the oil’s antioxidant properties help to prevent sun damage and wrinkles on the skin. This oil is considered as natural antibiotic. Tamanu oil has amazing rejuvenating properties on the skin. Scientific researches show that Tamanu oil is one of the most powerful agents that promote the formation of new skin tissue, with its properties in accelerating wound healing (which is also called cicatrisation as a medical term) and the rejuvenation and growth of a healthy skin.


For all of those reasons, Tamanu oil has been traditionally used for centuries to heal a whole range of skin problems with its powerful properties as Antioxidant, anti - bacterial and anti - inflammatory.


The five ways Tamanu oil helps revitalize your skin are:


1. Tamanu oil helps treat Blemishes

Tamanu oil helps in the healing process of acne because of its strong anti-microbial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties and ultra-amazing healing power. Tamanu oil can be used with lavender or tea tree oil to avoid clogging the skin’s pores.


2. Tamanu oil helps reducing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common skin problem. Stretch marks appear on the skin as red stripes or lines.


Stretch marks appear mostly during pregnancy or weight gain and loss periods. Tamanu oil is an excellent help in minimizing the appearance of stretch marks and there are studies that shown that with consistent usage, applying Tamanu oil topically on the affected area decreases the size of stretch marks.


3. Tamanu oil helps to treat ingrown hairs

Tamanu oil’s anti-inflammatory properties help to alleviate the inflammation of ingrown hairs, while it helps healing the painful bumps on the body.  It has also the healing power on the skin scars that occur when shaving the body hair as well.


4. Tamanu oil helps healing skin rashes

Because of the pure Tamanu oil’s amazing healing properties, it has been most commonly used to treat skin rashes. The pure Tamanu oil helps to promote new skin tissue, to rejuvenate the skin and to speed up the healing process of the skin.


5. Tamanu oil helps soothing and moisturizing dry skin

Tamanu oil’s powerful healing properties make it an amazing treatment for skin rashes and acne but it is also a great moisturizer and rejuvenator for dry skin. So the use of this magical oil will treat acne problem as well as dry skin problem.


Other than those healing benefits, Tamanu oil is also a great and all natural treatment for many health problems such as:

  •  - Abrasions
  •  - Acne
  •  - Blemishes
  •  - Wrinkles
  •  - Blisters
  •  - Body and foot odour
  •  - Skin burns
  •  - Diabetic sores
  •  - Diaper rash
  •  - Dry skin
  •  - Eczema
  •  - Herpes sores
  •  - Insect bites and stings
  •  - Neuritis and neuralgia
  •  - Psoriasis
  •  - Rheumatism
  •  - Sciatica
  •  - Shingles
  •  - Sunburn


Tamanu oil protects the skin, reduces inflammation, accelerates healing process, fights against fungal infections and slows the aging process. It also nourishes and softens hair. Scientists also confirm that this oil increases blood flow and stimulates hair growth. This oil is a great solution for preventing dandruff problems.

The use and application of the Tamanu oil is easy because it has a high capacity of absorption by the skin and has a light, pleasant odour. Especially Tamanu oil’s excellent healing properties and these attributes of easy use, make Tamanu oil a wonderful natural treatment for almost all skin types and for the daily skin care.

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