Xpecia (Men)
Xpecia (Men)
Xpecia (Men)
Xpecia (Men)
Xpecia (Men)
Xpecia (Men)




Main causes of male hair loss are hereditary, genetic or hormonal and generally related to DHT hormone. XPECIA helps reducing harmful effect of this hormone, so the treatment can be achieved successfully. Hair loss should be considered as an illness and appropriate scientific products should be used.

The use of topical lotions or drugs is not preferred due to the difficulty of application twice a day, to the odor of the treatment, to the irritation and the allergies, to the residue on the hair after application, and to the oily appearance of the hair and the scalp.

XPECIA Tablet overcomes all those inconveniences. Taking the pill is easier than applying the lotions and the sprays. After the first three months of treatment, taking one pill a day increases the adherence to the care.


XPECIA, in two versions: XPECIA for Women and XPECIA for Men.

Reasons to prefer XPECIA for Men are :

-       It contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy hair and hair scalp.

-       It blocks DHT, which is the main reason of male pattern hair loss.

-       It improves hair quality.

-       It prolongs the anagen phase.

-       It increases hair growth.

-       It does not cause weight gain.


Instruction of using (Directions):

  •        XPECIA for Men tablets are for oral use only.
  •        For optimum results, during the first one to two months, the patient should take this tablet twice a day, and then once a day.
  •        The treatment period and dosage should be adjusted according to the needs of the patient and the severity of the problem. 


The ingredients (2 tablets):

-       Saw palmetto 340 mg

-       Ginkgo biloba 20 mg

-       Vitamina B5 24 mg

-       Biotin 2,5 mg

-       Folic Acid 0,6 mg

-       Zinc 15 mg

-       L-Methionine 40 mg

-       L-Cysteine 40 mg

-       Keratin 20 mg

-       Soy Isaflavones 8 mg


XPECIA for Men contains :  

-       Saw palmetto: blocks DHT (main cause of hair loss for both men and women).

-       Ginkgo biloba: increases the elasticity of blood vessels and contributes the expansion of blood vessels.

-       Biotin: encourages hair and scalp health.

-       Pantothenic acid: increases hair quality.

-       Folic Acid: promotes cell renewal.

-       Zinc: inhibits hair growth, promotes healthy new hair growth.

-       L-Cysteine: improves hair strength and protects from dryness and breakage.

-       Keratin: provides protein for hair, strengthens hair and promotes hair growth.

-       Isoflavone: balances hormones naturally, without side effects.

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